Idiomas, LLC was founded in 1989 in an effort to provide Spanish translation and typesetting services to government and industry. Built on the principles of providing a reliable service and a quality service, our ability to deliver translations electronically in those pre-Internet days was a big part of our success. One of our first clients required that we help them negotiate a business agreement with a Brazilian company where the key executive spoke only Spanish. Our ability to facilitate the communication between two companies and the successful completion of that negotiation process, led us to expand our services to reach a national, and then an international client base.

Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients. We have provided Spanish translation & typesetting services to a large number of customers throughout the world. Because each customer not only has its own voice but also its own set of specific needs, we learned to pursue our work with flexibility and attention to detail. We think we provide more than just translation services: we are actually problem solvers. We can advise clients about the best way to serve their translation needs and also how to put those translations to work for them.

Because we are flexible and because we pay careful attention to the needs of our clients, we allocate the maximum amount of resources our clients can afford. Translation is a very demanding task and translators who excel at their craft have very fascinating personalities and a vast array of knowledge. We have worked with them and know who they are. We respect their professionalism and require their utmost in integrity. As we have done many times, we will respectfully turn down the opportunity to work on any project, however lucrative it may be, if we feel the allocation of resources is not in line with our own expectations.

After more than 30 years of helping companies deliver their message, we know how to go about a translation project to achieve the best results. Our streamlined process and our lean operation allow us to allocate your financial resources in such a way as to create a final product that reflects your company’s hard earned reputation, image and goals.

We know we are not for everybody and we like it that way. We intend to keep it exactly that way.

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