We specialize in the translation & typesetting of documentation including technical manuals, books, cards, specification sheets, employee handbooks, articles, newsletters, flyers, brochures or any material that could be of interest to a Spanish or English speaking audience, as well as being an approved provider of Spanish translations for the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.

The process of translation includes reviewing the original documentation, creating the draft translation, assigning the translated text to an editor for review and evaluation and proofreading the final copy. We invite our clients to participate by conducting internal and/or corporate reviews. This process is in line with our commitment to offer a high quality product at a reasonable cost.

Once the translated text has been approved by our customer, we put our 30 years of experience in the creation of bilingual documents to work. This is a critical step in the process, and we are proud to be one of the best in the business. Therefore, you save time and money, by providing us your already existing English typeset material. From there, we can create either bilingual or Spanish-only versions for distribution worldwide or in a single country.

We enjoy working with people who are committed to excellence. If you share our commitment, please feel free to discuss your particular requirements with us.

For more information about our Spanish Translation & Typesetting Services call 860-669-4426